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Updated: Aug 10, 2021

If It is not under your control, do not stress about it.

Panicking about what, when to eat is one of the most complicated things to do during the lockdown. We are all day at home (at least it is supposed to be); gyms are closed, and only walking or outdoor activities are allowed. But, to be honest, working out outdoors is not the same as going to a Fitness Class, Gyms, playing with mates, etc., as it is not very motivating.

We are on this, all of us together...

So, How can we keep being fit? Or at least try. Food plays an essential role in this lockdown.

Food that goes into our mouth or food available in our kitchens is under our control, at least for most adults living in developed countries.

What does it mean to eat well?

scale, healthy eating
Choose your food with attention

There is confusion and misunderstanding about good or bad food, as there is a lot of misinformation, especially on the Web, where many no professionals have words.

In this blog, I will explain how to improve diet and give you some principles about food.

Let's start with how you get your food. One of the things that are under control is knowing the ingredients you are putting on your plate. Preparing your meal will give you this power.

When buying at the grocery store, choose vegetables and raw food; the less processed, the better. When you buy processed food, check the ingredients in the package, and make sure the list is short, without a name that sounds too chemical. For example, when you buy peanut butter, make sure it is at least 98% Peanuts; there are many in the market with 99.9% :)

Even when cooking, avoid frying with any oil or butter/margarine, dressing like mayonnaise, ketchup in abundance; I suggest using some lemons, salt and spices. Less bad fat you add to your food less fat to your body.

To summarise, the product from nature is good, and bad food comes from the factory.

This is primarily the role, but there are also exceptions. For example, there are natural poison foods, like berries, frogs in Amazonia, mushrooms, etc. However, processed food can be also helpful for people in critical situations. For example, meal replacements for infants if mothers can't provide natural milk, meal replacements for people with medical conditions or deficiencies, enteral and parenteral diet, people on special diets or sports supplements for sportspeople.

Sports Supplements, as the word says, combined with a balanced diet, will help you improve your body and health. For example, if your goal is to lose weight during the lockdown, few supplements like carnitine, thermogenic, chromium could help you combine a good diet to accelerate losing weight.

Timing to eat is another element under your control. I suggest eating small portions during the day more often rather than having big meals together. Another theory is intermediate fasting, which works for some. Still, it is a sacrifice and unnecessary if the total calories intake is less than the calories expenditure at the end of the day.

Get some knowledge is under your control, especially If you have spare time during lockdowns when exercises and social life are restricted.

I suggest scientific studies to learn more about it. The alternative is to hire an expert that can help you to design your lifestyle during lockdown and design meal plans that suits your lifestyle. Also, prepare yourself for when you will get back in your everyday lifestyle and care more or improve yourself. The most important that is to not lose control of your health and fitness during the lockdowns. Doing the things under your control will make you happy. Do not give excuses for happiness.

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