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Updated: Aug 10, 2021

losing fat

The difference between losing weight and fat is not proportionally direct. People can lose weight on the scale but this does not mean that you're losing body fat.

Losing weight can be done by losing water, protein, fats or minerals, which are important elements for your physic.

A badly balanced diet can compromise your health and your daily energy.

For example, keeping the body hydrated is vital as humans are composed of over 60% of water, minerals are important for many functions, plus is one of the main compositions of the bones, proteins are the main blocks of the body and are well known necessary for increasing the muscle cells. That’s why it is very important to have a well-balanced diet, and cutting down extreme food intake is not surely healthy.

Does Intermediate fasting work?

The famous Intermediating fasting is not the best solution to lose fat! Not eating will make you feel hungry, lose concentration, strength, and energy for the daily routine but also lose muscles, bone density and more. Intermediating fasting might work to lose weight in the short term but not for the long term, weakening the immune system and muscle development. If you are trying to increase your muscle size and decrease your body fat percentage, you can, but fasting for a long period of time isn't the best solution.

Can I lose body fat without physical exercise?

Yes, you can, you don't have muscle only on the legs and arms, your digestive system is also composed of muscles. You will lose fat by making the digestive system work harder, as your digestive system can work from the moment you are awake until a few hours after you start sleeping.

How can I lose fat without feeling hungry?

french bulldog cake

It is possible to lose fat without feeling hungry!! Eating natural and raw food such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and fish because those kinds of food are harder to digest compared to processed food: bakeries, pastries and others.

For that reason, it is recommended to do not to starve your body which makes you feel hungry and sad but choosing the right food that helps to burn fat and happy feelings at the same time.

Sugar is bad?

Sugar is the main source of energy in the human body. During starvation, the human brain will request energy not only from fat storage but also from protein. Energy from protein is released when muscle cells are breaking down. During a starvation period, the human brain will also divert energy from one system to another to save energy for the vital organs. The first system to shut down will be the immune system, therefore people on starvation will be more vulnerable to viruses and bad bacteria attacks, increasing the risk of getting sick.

Does sugar have other names?

Sugar comes from carbohydrates. Foods higher in carbohydrates are vegetables, fruits and milk. Other names for sugar are lactose, fructose glucose and others. The suffix “ose” is used in biochemistry to form the names of sugar. Lately, with the sugar word being related to “bad” food, food industries are using other names instead of sugar on their food labels, dextrose, sucrose, cane sugar, coconut sugar, cane juice crystallized and others.

Which one is the best supplement to lose fat?

Supplements are tools that might help to lose body fat or improve performance. They help but they are not essentials, but at the same time, they need a balanced diet to make it work. Carnitine is a fat transporter that helps transport fat from fat areas to be used as energy on the brain or working muscles during movement. Thermogenic mimics the feeling of being on a treadmill, which is effective following a good diet.

Supplements can have side effects if not used in a proper way. For example thermogenic is high in caffeine, it cannot be taken by people with heart conditions or by people suffering from anxiety. Also, not recommended before bedtime which can disturb sleep and consequently good sleep is very important to recover the body and mind.


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