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YUM - Clean & Green 

Support your insides with Yum Natural’s all-in-one, nutrient-rich, organic superfood blend: Clean & Green.


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gluten, soy and lactose-free
  • Super greens powder
  • Supports gut health
  • Supports immune health
  • May improve intestinal absorption
  • May reduce bloating
  • Supports optimal daily energy levels


It’s no secret that meeting your daily nutritional requirements isn't always easy. Whether it’s your busy lifestyle, the cost of wholefoods or your lack of nutritional knowledge, sometimes we just need a little extra help making the right nutritional choices for our internal health. The solution? The one and only Yum Natural all-in-one Clean & Green! 

Just as the name suggests, Yum Natural Clean & Green is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, fibre, probiotics and digestive enzymes to help boost your gut health, support your immune health, enhance intestinal absorption, reduce bloating and optimise your daily energy levels. Plus, did we mention this incredible natural formula is also vegan-friendly and gluten, lactose and soy-free? All of this goodness packed into one deliciously satisfying scoop!

Wondering what’s in the tub? To improve nutrient absorption, the super green, fruit and vegetable blend has been ground into a fine powder to give you a powerful boost of phytonutrients that’s easy to absorb. Additionally, CELL CHARGE™ has been added to further promote the uptake and absorption of nutrients.  To support digestion, reduce bloating, and help with IBS and acid reflux,  DigeZyme® has been included. DigeZyme® is a unique proprietary blend of five digestive enzymes to help improve your body’s digestion and absorption rate. To support your gut health, the world’s most researched probiotic, LactoSpore® has been added to support healthy digestion, prevent bloating and to improve your gut microbiome health. And expect to feel the full range of benefits from spirulina, broccoli sprouts, astragalus, olive leaf extract and more! 


Meet your daily nutritional requirements in a tasty and convenient way with the help of Yum Natural’s all-in-one super greens powder, Clean & Green. Containing everything your body needs to support your gut, immune system and digestive system, you can count on Yum Natural Clean & Green for your daily dose of nutrients! 


  • Mix 1 scoop (8g) into 200ml of chilled water. Consume 1-2 servings per day with or without food.

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