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Phantom XS® Is An Ultra Premium Non Stimulant, Night Time Thermodynamic Designed To Help You Lose Weight While You Sleep. Formulate With Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic Herbs. Phantom XS® Offers a Safe and Healthy Option For Weight Loss.



    Countless hours of research & development were spent to perfect the ultimate stimulant free weight loss supplement. Phantom® XS utilizes a combination of Ayurvedic herbs to trigger your metabolism while you rest. You need to rest to recover, let Phantom® XS work while your sleeping.

    FAT LOSS 24/7

    Because Phantom® XS does not contain any stimulants, it is the ideal product to combine with any other Nubreed Thermogenic product for increased thermogenesis. It can be taken with Tenacity® , Metadyne® or any other stimulant product.


    Designed with natural diuretics, these ayurvedic herbs have been shown to interact with certain receptor systems in the body attributed to water-loss. In addition it will aid in digestion and also improve the liver and gullbladder functions to eliminate toxins quicker from the body.

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