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ATP Science - Noway BodyBalance Protein

Are you looking for a protein powder that contributes to muscle growth and supports joint function and body recovery? Introducing Noway BodyBalance Protein by ATP Science, a collagen-rich whey-free protein!


  • 15g hydrolysed collagen peptides (protein)
  • Less than 1g of sugar, carbs, and fat per serve
  • Contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle 
  • May contribute to joint and bone maintenance
  • Available in 5 tasty flavours AND an unflavoured option 


Whether you’re looking for a low-carb protein to add to your breakfast smoothie or a new tasty post-workout protein powder to support your recovery, ATP Science Noway BodyBalance Protein is here to help you reach your body goals. Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and makes up 30-40% of all of the protein in your body? With a carefully curated formulation consisting of high biologically active protein to support muscle maintenance and hydrolysed bovine collagen to contribute to joint and bone maintenance, Noway BodyBalance Protein has been designed to help you achieve those hard-earned results and support your body recovery.


Support your body to function at its best with Noway BodyBalance Protein, a collagen-rich protein powder by ATP Science.


  • Mix 1 heaped scoop of NOWAY in 250ml of cold water in a shaker or blender.
    Can be mixed in with your favourite smoothie, added to pancakes or in baked goods.

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