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EHP Labs - Glutamine

Is poor recovery stopping you from excelling in your workouts and achieving your body goals? It’s time to introduce you to EHP Labs Glutamine.


  • High-quality pharmaceutical grade Glutamine
  • Unflavoured for convenience
  • Zero carbs, fats and sugars
  • No stimulants


When it comes to achieving results, recovery is key! Whether you are a long-distance runner, a hard HIIT trainer, or just starting your fitness journey, EHP Labs Glutamine is here to support your recovery.

With over 60% of skeletal muscle being Glutamine, it is one of the most common naturally occurring amino acids found in our muscles, playing a vital role in protein synthesis. If you’re still unsure about the fantastic benefits of these ingredients, we highly recommend doing a little research of your own to find out why this product is an absolute must-have!

If you want to take your recovery to the next level, simply add a scoop of the conveniently unflavoured EHP Labs Glutamine to your favourite post-workout supplement or beverage and consume immediately post-workout, to get the most out of your recovery. 


Support your recovery and reach your goals with the help of EHP Labs Glutamine, a post-workout formula free from stimulants and sugars!


$54.95 Regular Price
$44.95Sale Price
  • Ingredients: 100% Pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine

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