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Boasting a 100% plant-based clean formula, BSc’s brand new Clean Vegan Protein is the pure protein your body can rely on to get the most out of your everyday activities and workout performance. From boosting your inner wellness and promoting optimal gut health to supporting muscle recovery and growth, Clean Vegan Protein is the ultimate plant-based formula that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your dietary needs for optimal performance. Thanks to BSc Clean Vegan Protein, you can have both!

Undeniably delicious in flavour, it’s hard to believe that BSc Clean Vegan protein is naturally sweetened, and contains no added sugars, artificial colours, flavours, gums or fillers. What you’ll get is a 100% clean formula that is jam-packed with simple, organic, and nourishing ingredients to ensure your body is fuelled with only highest quality goodness.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Gluten free
  • 100% plant-based - Clean Vegan Protein is 100% free from animal-based products and jam-packed with only vegan-friendly ingredients that will nourish your body. 
  • Clean formula - BSc Clean Vegan Protein contains zero artificial ingredients and fillers, no artificial sweeteners, no 955 and no gums. The formula contains only simple, organic, nourishing ingredients that provide the same benefits! 
  • Supports active lifestyle - Meeting your daily protein intake is important for getting the most out of your day and your workout performance. And with BSc Clean Vegan Protein, you can enjoy boosted energy, an enhanced metabolism, and supported inner health and wellbeing. 
  • Supports muscle recovery + growth - Clean Vegan Protein is designed to enhance exercise recovery, build a lean and toned physique, maintain muscle mass, and enhance your overall strength. The protein content is derived from Pea protein isolate and brown rice protein, which are both high-quality plant-based protein sources that work synergistically together to deliver a comprehensive amino acid profile. 
  • Promotes optimal gut health - Did you know that the bacteria in your gut has the biggest impact on your wellbeing? As the bacteria in your gut lines your entire digestive system, it has an effect on everything from your metabolism, mood and immune health. BSc Clean Vegan Protein contains 5 x digestive enzymes for optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients. And that’s not all - We’ve ensured there is no artificial additives, fillers, thickeners or gums that may interfere with your gut health. The formula contains a multi-enzyme complex that consists of Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase and Lactase, which work together to break down carbs, lactose, cellulose fibres, and protein for optimal digestion, absorption, and utilisation of nutrients. 
  • Delicious taste & texture - Yes, you read that correctly. This vegan protein source tastes as good as it performs. BSc Clean Vegan Protein is smooth in texture, delicious in taste and without the gritty texture known to many other plant-based proteins. In fact, this delicious formula is the perfect addition to your smoothies, shakes, baking and smoothie bowls!

For an innovative formula that cares about the quality of its ingredients and the benefits it offers, BSc Clean Vegan Protein is leading the way. Enjoy muscle recovery and growth, supported gut health, and an optimal source of high-quality protein to meet your daily requirements, thanks to BSc’s highly nutritious and equally delicious Clean Vegan Protein formula.


  • Add 45g (approx. 5 heaped tablespoons) into 250-300ml of water and mix well with shaker or blender. Consume immediately. Replace lid after use.

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